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cattle nutritionUniblok Supplement Blocks are available in several different formulations of protein, mineral and vitamins for use in various feeding programs. This patented formulation is a molasses based mixture which utilizes natural feedstuffs produced in Western Canada. The molasses provides palatability to improve acceptance by the animal and helps rumen fermentation, improving feed efficiency.

Protein Blocks- Protein and energy supplements for beef cattle
Mineral Blocks - Minerals and vitamins for beef cattle
Horse Block - Protein, trace mineral and vitamin supplement
Sheep Block - Protein and vitamin supplement
Affiliated Products - Blended to custom specifications



Key Macro Mineral Functions


  • Needed for correct energy metabolism function
  • A key component of membrane, proper osmotic pressure and acid-base balance
  • Required for bone formulation & maintenance, muscle function


  • Involved in energy, protein & fat metabolism bone formation & maintenance, cycling, mild production


  • Necessary for energy, protein and fat metabolism
  • Essential for bone strength, enzyme & muscle function


  • Important for sound osmotic pressure maintenance to ensure optimal transport of water and other key nutrients in and out of cells
  • A key mineral in maintaining acid-base balance
  • Necessary for cell formation & function, digestion


Key Trace Mineral Functions

Copper, Zinc, Selenium

  • Important for proper immune system function

Manganese, Copper, Zinc

  • Key trace minerals involved in reproduction

Copper, Zinc

  • Important for bone and skin integrity


  • A key component of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism and growth


  • Essential for adequate vitamin B12 production


Key Vitamin ADE Functions

Vitamin A

  • Required for good breeding (fertility) and calving (prevention retained placenta) performance
  • Aids in muscle and vision function

Vitamin D

  • Important for good breeding performance
  • Aids in calcium absorbtion for bone strength

Vitamin E

  • Essential for optimal immune system function
  • Required for good breeding performance, including prevention of retained placenta


General Feeding Directions

Blocks should be placed near water or loafing areas to assure maximum exposure to cattle. Remove all other salt sources to aid in attracting cattle to the molasses block.

As with any free choice feed, consumption should be continuously monitored. New blocks should be added before the old blocks are fully consumed.


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