Ingredients Benefits

What's in My Tub?

After genetics, proper feed, nutrition and supplementation play the most important role in an animal’s health. Nutrient levels in feed, roughage and pasture vary, so balancing energy, protein, vitamins and minerals are key to ensuring their requirements are met. This is especially critical at important stages of the reproductive cycle.

Knowing how each element contributes to the health of your animal will save you money! 



Protein requirements increase with lactation and rate of gain. It is required for milk production and reproductive tract reconditioning after calving.  

Signs of Low Protein:

  • Low appetite, weight loss, poor growth 
  • Depressed reproductive performance 
  • Reduced milk production 

All of our protein and fat sources are derived from plant origin. No screenings or fillers are used in our facility.

Vitamins & Minerals

Superior levels of trace minerals and vitamins A, D & E. Essential for reproduction and cycling, feed this mineral to your beef cow/heifer herd during breeding and calving for optimal performance.


  • Needed for correct energy and metabolism function.
  • A key component of membrane, proper osmotic pressure and acid-base balance.
  • Required for muscle function, bone formulation and maintenance.


  • Involved in energy, protein and fat metabolism, bone formation and maintenance, cycling, milk production.


  • Necessary for energy, protein and fat metabolism.
  • Essential for bone strength, enzyme & muscle function.


  • Important for sound osmotic pressure maintenance to ensure optimal transport of water and other key nutrients in and out of cells.
  • A key mineral in maintaining acid-base balance.
  • Necessary for cell formation and function, digestion.