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Protein for Cattle

Protein is a very important part of a cattle's diet. When the cattle is deficient in protein, they will have small to no appetite, will have lower chance of getting a healthy body and will also experience loss of weight. Those beef cattle that need more protein or protein supplementation are oftentimes lactating cows, calves and growing cows. Giving a good supply of protein to beef cattle is a necessary way to improve cow's health, productivity and will offer a greater chance of profit. Although protein supplements are very costly for a ranch owner or a beef cattle operator, it is still needed for the cattle to get their needed nutrients.
Protein in cattle diets are oftentimes called as crude protein. Crude protein is composed of non protein kind of nitrogen and a true protein. Not all compounds with nitrogen are true proteins. A good example for this is urea. True proteins are also known as natural protein. It can or cannot be broken down. True proteins are those that are metabolizable and will be absorbed in the intestines of the cattle. Protein insufficiency is a big issue during warm seasons such as summer. This is because the grasses that cattle graze upon get inadequate nitrogen. Another thing that could affect nitrogen fertilization on plants is the excessive rainfall as the soil reduces nitrogen levels that are supposed to be available for plants.



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